Find your best premises with your french offices agency in London

Despite Brexit, London remains an essential capital in the business world. Alongside Singapore, New York or Paris, London is one of the cities in which you need to have a presence. The supply of offices is therefore unsurprisingly very large. Find your best premises with your french offices agency in London !

The Gherkin, the Shard or even the Cheesegrater are all iconic buildings embodying the dynamism of the office market in London.

This dynamism, however, has been tempered by COVID and the development of WFH (Working From Home). The rules of the game have changed and the different types of office offers (see our guide) have been turned upside down. Not to mention the fact that many transactions are made “off market” on a hidden market where the uninitiated will find it very difficult to access the offer.

It is therefore more important than ever to find support in your search for your offices in London.

Whether you want to prepare your project, acquire a lease or successfully launch your business, do not hesitate to contact our experts who will be happy to guide you!

Find your best premises with your french offices agency in London


  • Drawing up the specifications

    We will review your requirements and the various options available on the market to find the type of office best suited to your activity, your expectations and your constraints.

  • District study

    Canary Wharf, the City, Shoreditch? We will support you in the analysis of the different districts and identify those that will suit you the best.
  • Explanation of the legal and tax framework

    Whatever your business expertise, it must be adapted to English standards and laws. Our experts will help you understand everything in the United Kingdom.

  • Finding your offices

    Our team of experts will find the gem. We will carry out on and off-market research to ensure you find the property that meets your needs.
  • Negotiation of the lease

    Rent, security deposit, free rent, duration of the lease, rent review, contractual obligations: there are many clauses to negotiate and it is essential to seek advice.
  • Office fitting

    Have you signed a lease for a bare floor and don’t have time to organize the fit out? We will take care of everything!

We will take care of everything needed to open your restaurant in London. Take a look at our services.

With our experience, French Touch Commercial can help you in this process. We can help you write your forecast cash flow and produce a summary of the overall budget to plan. Check out our services to see how we can support you in successfully renting your offices.


London is a wonderful city, bustling 24/7. Opening an office, shop or restaurant in London is a fantastic experience. Finding premises is all part of it. Don’t ruin the adventure and get some help! Find your best premises with your french offices agency in London : that’s what we are here for. We are at your service and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Offices case studies

Des bureaux très modernes, très lumineux et très blancs avec un grand openspace spacieux.

Acquisition of offices for

As part of its development in the United Kingdom, called on French Touch Group not only to find accommodation for its employees but also to find offices that would be on a par with their ambitions.
Des recherches de bureaux à Londres - Recherche de bureaux à Londres pour France Télévisions

Office search for the France Télévisions group

As part of the expansion of their activities in London, France Télévisions called on FTC to find their new premises. France Télévisions UK had been in greater demand than ever since Brexit. They needed to be close to Buckingham Palace, the London community and 10 Downing Street.
Des recherches de bureaux à Londres - Chercher des bureaux à Londres pour le groupe Vinci

Market study in Birmingham for the VINCI Group

FTC carried out in-depth market research which enabled Vinci to have an objective view of the office supply in Birmingham. We analysed the different districts as well as the different services on offer (traditional lease, managed offices, serviced offices etc.).

French Touch Commercial also supports you throughout the process of finding and securing your commercial premises: shopsrestaurants or offices.