Iris Galerie

"Reveal the beauty of your Iris and transform your eye into a masterpiece". This is the promise of Iris Galerie. The company, created by the founders of Yellow Korner, has had a string of new shops opening in Europe. In barely 2 years, the brand is already present in more than 10 countries!

Napoleon against Brexit

Have you, like Napoleon, always dreamt of conquering the UK, but Brexit has stopped you dead in your tracks? Unlike the Emperor, go for it and cross the Channel… but Be Prepared!

Alcohol licensing in the UK

There are around 50,000 pubs in England. Nicknamed the "local" they are a real institution in the UK where everybody meets for a drink. However, opening and managing one isn’t without constraints.

A guide to business rates

When starting to look for business premises, location and rent are the 2 obvious criteria. It is very important though not to forget to take into account business rates, this notorious tax on commercial properties, which can quickly raise your overheads and jeopardize your company’s financial balance.