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The different stages of a commercial lease

Following our first article on the different types of commercial leases, we will now continue our series on commercial leases in the United Kingdom with a chronological approach to negotiation. How long does it take to sign a commercial lease? What are the different steps? Our experts will tell you all there is to know.
Un client signe le contrat de bail commercial que lui a proposé un agent immobilier à Londres

The various type of commercial leases in the UK

Renting a commercial space is one of the most important commitments that a company or an entrepreneur will make both in terms of cost and the duration you are signing up to. It is therefore essential to know what you are getting yourself into.
L'équipe commerciales de la Iris Galerie devant la devanture de leur boutique à Nothing Hill à Londres

Iris Galerie

"Reveal the beauty of your Iris and transform your eye into a masterpiece". This is the promise of Iris Galerie. The company, created by the founders of Yellow Korner, has had a string of new shops opening in Europe. In barely 2 years, the brand is already present in more than 10 countries!
Ouvrir des bureaux à Londres : une équipe de fiscalistes et d'avocats appartenant à l'entreprise Lighthouse Law Firm

Napoleon against Brexit

Have you, like Napoleon, always dreamt of conquering the UK, but Brexit has stopped you dead in your tracks? Unlike the Emperor, go for it and cross the Channel… but Be Prepared!