Office search for the France Télévisions group

Client: France Télévision


As part of the expansion of their activities in London, France Télévisions called on FTC to find their new premises. France Télévisions UK had been in greater demand than ever since Brexit. They needed to be close to Buckingham Palace, the London community and 10 Downing Street. In short, be at the heart of the action. The complexity of the project shaped its interest.


France Télévisions is an entity that functions a bit like the English monarchy: a long-term vision combined with a need for modernization. They needed a comfortable setting in a traditional location with all the qualities of a functional and modern office: access to high-quality broadband, access to very specific information flows, open space, terrace for live shows, accessible parking etc. Due to budgetary constraints they also had to make savings on their current rent.

Our intervention

FTC guided France Télévisions UK in the search and negotiation of superb new premises a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace. A complicated mission for a unique client. In particular, it was necessary to work in close collaboration with BT to obtain a very high quality optical fibre in order to ensure a constant flow of information, essential to France Télévisions’ activities. FTC also identified and negotiated the necessary parking spaces nearby… A happy and happily settled customer for years to come!

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