Secure the best premises

“Location, location, location”

It’s no surprise this is the expression that comes up most often when talking about commercial real estate.

Finding the right place is the key element of your project and it is fundamental not to make any mistakes. As much as the operation of a business or the menu of a restaurant can always be changed, it will be impossible to change premises (or at least very complicated).

Moreover the UK commercial market is an opaque, hidden market where the offer is very difficult to access for the uninitiated.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you get help in order to find the hidden gem.

Our team of experts will stand by your side and support you throughout the search for your premises, from the drafting of the specifications to handing over the keys. Our offer includes:

  • An initial interview to understand your concept, your expectations, your positioning, your customer target and your objectives
  • Discussion and answer to your questions regarding commercial leases, legal implications, regulations, the lease accession process, etc.
  • Connection with partners (solicitors, accountants, tax specialists, insurance etc.) if necessary
  • Identification of target areas/streets in accordance with your budget, the type of clientele targeted, the competition and your preferences
  • Definition of the search criteria for the  identification of the premises
  • Guidance and help with the preparation of the application file intended for the landlords.
  • On the field intensive and comprehensive research, with all market participants (i.e. all the estate agents covering the targeted areas, the developers and a direct approach through our networks regarding potential off-market properties)
  • Pre-visits and selection of interesting properties
  • Analysis of the Pros & Cons for each option selected
  • Organization of the visits
  • Further study of the selected options 
  • Negotiation of the terms of the offer: price and conditions according to your instructions (the Head of Terms or HOTs)
  • Connection with competent partners (solicitor, surveyor)
  • Organization of the survey (if necessary): reading and analysis of the survey report,  advice
  • Project coordination, follow up with the various partners: surveyor, estate agent, solicitor, solicitor of the seller/lessor, landlord, broker/bank etc.
  • Assistance and facilitation right throughout the project

Choosing French Touch Commercial is not only about saving you time but also money! The savings we pass on to our clients very often exceed our fees. To find out more about this win-win collaboration, contact us