Some of our clients testimonials:

French Touch Properties has been able to combine two strong skills: firstly a strong capacity for “sourcing”, i.e. an ability to find premises that are not necessarily on the market, which makes it possible to find nuggets. And also a very good capacity for commercial and legal negotiation, which allows you to delegate part of the process to them with confidence. And incredibly efficient!

FTP’s expertise proved to be crucial throughout the project because the issues are numerous: identification of properties, understanding of the market, dialogue with banks, real estate agencies, the council, English institutions, negotiation of lease conditions , etc It is really important to get help and reassurance from trusted professionals.

In record time, Aude found us the perfect and ideally located premises to open my first showroom in London. Many thanks to Ségolène, Aude, Sophie and the entire French Touch Properties team for their professionalism.

Without this support we would not have been able to carry out our project, the steps to convince the owners, the contractual and regulatory stages are so different from those we know in France! French Touch accompanied us like a true partner, I highly recommend them and thank them warmly.

Having an outside person to accompany me in my project was essential in its realization.

I found at French Touch Commercial in general and at Antoine, what I recognize within a family business, and which means a lot to me, this human side.

FTC is obviously a great help that I recommend without hesitation!

Due to your measured approach and tenacity, trust in me and also the way in which you held your clients hand, I am pleased to say that we managed to get an amazing result for everyone involved.

I truly believe without our combined experience and measured approach, this deal would not have gone ahead.  I would love to work with you again.

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