Opening a restaurant in London: our services

With nearly 20,000 restaurants, London has a plethora of destinations that reflect its diverse population. Whether you want to taste a Peruvian ceviche, an Indian curry or just good fish and chips, the choice is not lacking and there is constant demand.

No wonder, therefore, that restaurateurs from all over the world want to open a restaurant in London.

Note, however, that opening and running a restaurant is not without risks, and many people have tried and failed.

Even for a seasoned restaurateur, opening a restaurant in London is risky business. The legal framework is different, and so are the technical standards without taking into account the main difficulty: finding suitable premises. London is a complicated, opaque market without a clear marketplace. Many transactions take place before they are even advertised.

There is therefore great competition to find the hidden gem and it is strongly recommended you are guided in this process.

Whether you want to prepare your project, to acquire a lease or to get support in the fit out work, don’t hesitate to contact our experts who will be happy to assist you!

Le restaurant de la Petite Bretagne à bénéficié de notre service d'accompagnement à l'ouverture de restaurants à Londres


  • Drafting of provisional cash flow

    A restaurant is often capital intensive. It is therefore essential to understand your likely income and expenditure.
  • Explanation of the legal and fiscal framework

    Whatever your business expertise, it must be adapted to English standards and laws. Our experts are here to help you understand everything in the UK.
  • Search for premises

    Our team of experts will find the hidden gem for you. We will carry out in-depth and as exhaustive as possible research in the field using our contacts to identify on and off-market opportunities to ensure we find the property that will meet your requirements.

  • Lease negotiation

    Rent, security deposit, free rent, lease term, rent review, contractual obligations: there are many clauses to negotiate and it is essential you seek advice.
  • Alcohol license

    Obtaining an alcohol license can sometimes feel like an obstacle course: help will be invaluable!
  • Work supervision

    You would like to create unique, visually impactful premises but you don’t know where to start? Planning, building control, licensing, quotes, architect, and site monitoring are all areas which we can help you with.
  • Searching for supplier

    Need help finding your suppliers? Whether it is to source French products or an exceptional wine, we will put you in touch with the very best suppliers.
  • Help with operations

    Which cash register system to use? What software for the rotas? How to integrate and aggregate the different sales channels (click and collect, delivery, etc)? Our experts will answer your questions.

We will take care of everything needed to open your restaurant in London. Take a look at our services.

With our experience, French Touch Commercial can help you in this process. We can help you write your forecast cash flow and produce a summary of the overall budget to plan. Check out our services to see how we can support you in successfully opening your restaurant.


London is a wonderful city, bustling 24/7. Opening an office, shop or restaurant in London is a fantastic experience. Finding premises is all part of it. Don’t ruin the adventure and get some help! That’s what we are here for. We are at your service and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Restaurant case studies

FTC supports Champagne+Fromage in its franchise

Champagne+Fromage is a family business founded in 2011 with the opening of our artisanal French bistro and delicatessen in Covent Garden.

FTC supports Champagne+Fromage in its franchise

Champagne+Fromage is a family business founded in 2011 with the opening of our artisanal French bistro and delicatessen in Covent Garden.
Etude de cas restaurant

Finding premises for “L’Origine”

Vincent Coignet used French Touch Properties twice as he was looking for houses (a returning customer is a happy customer!). He naturally sought French Touch Commercial assistance in his search for a showroom for L'Origine, a luxury parquet company.
Vue intérieure d'un restaurant cosy, moderne et chaleureux à Londres

Acquisition of a restaurant in London

A French restaurant group wanted to expand in the United Kingdom and open their first restaurant in London. Not willing to commit to a building site, they mandated French Touch Commercial as commercial estate agent in order to find and negotiate a lease transfer.
Ouvrir une filiale au Royaume-Uni : Intérieur cosy du restaurant Mike & James, filiale d'un grand groupe à Londres

Feasibility study for the opening of a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

Mike & James is a quality burger brand based in Chambery which offers a wide range of homemade products (burgers, milk shakes, salads). After opening a second point of sale, the founder wanted to replicate the concept in London but came up against his lack of knowledge of the British market and English legislation.
Vue intérieure du restaurant crêperie La Petite Bretagne dans le quartier Hammersmith à Londres

Opening of a Breton “crêperie” restaurant

As part of the brand's growth, La Petite Bretagne was looking at opening a new restaurant in new premises in order to arrange the space in accordance with their requirements.
Etude de cas restaurant

Opening of a café & delicatessen shop

As part of a career change, Cédric Badel wanted to develop in London a project that has been close to his heart for a long time: the opening of a delicatessen showcasing artisans and French products not currently available in the United Kingdom.

French Touch Commercial also supports you throughout the process of finding and securing your commercial premises: shopsrestaurants or offices.