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As part of its development in the United Kingdom, called on French Touch Group not only to find accommodation for its employees but also to find offices that would be on a par with their ambitions.


  • Finding quality offices in a very short period of time
  • Very tight specifications
  • Arranging visas and accommodation for the staff in parallel

Our intervention

French Touch Group was asked to help both in the search for housing for its employees via French Touch Properties and in the acquisition of offices via French Touch Commercial.

The main difficulty on this project was to move forward simultaneously on 2 fronts. Offices are not required if there are no employees to work there, but there is no point in bringing employees from France if there are no offices to accommodate them.

French Touch Properties and French Touch Commercial teams have therefore had to work hard to make progress on both fronts.

The offices were to be located near Saint Pancras International to facilitate travel to France. We had to think ahead about the optimum size of the office, anticipating not only the growth of the team but also the evolution of working methods and the rise of Working From Home. For example, how many desks are required for 20 full-time employees? 10? 15? or 20? Everything depends on the culture of the company and the requirements of the employees and the employer.

Once the specifications had been drawn up, we had to very quickly establish a selection of properties and begin the negotiations. Not so easy in a market still settling after the COVID pandemic. The main sticking point was the length of the lease.

Traditionally office leases are negotiated for periods of 10 or 15 years. It was therefore necessary to negotiate hard to find an agreement for a 5-year lease with a 3-year exit clause, and not forgetting the free rent period!

In the end, was delighted with their magnificent offices 200m away from the station. Icing on the cake, all their employees got their visas and found accommodation on time.

A fine example of the synergies of the French Touch Group!

French Touch Commercial also supports you throughout the process of finding and securing your commercial premises: shopsrestaurants or offices.