Opening a shop in London: our services

Oxford street, Camden, Carnaby street, Soho…

For many people, London remains a shopper’s paradise. Whether it’s antiquing in a thrift store, cracking on a luxury jewel or simply strolling through the shopping streets, London remains an unparalleled destination to open a shop.

There is therefore great competition to find the hidden gem and it is strongly recommended you are guided in this process.

Whether you want to prepare your projectto acquire a lease or to get support in the fit out work, don’t hesitate to contact our experts who will be happy to assist you!

Devanture de la boutique Oliver Bonas à Londres


  • Drafting of cash flow forecasts

    A shop is often capital intensive. It is therefore essential to understand what will be your financial flows, incoming and outgoing.

  • Market research

    Is your project really unique? Do you know your competitors well? At what price to sell your items? Market research is key.

  • Explanation of the legal and fiscal framework

    Whatever your business expertise, it must be adapted to English standards and laws. Our experts accompany you to understand everything in the United Kingdom.

  • Local search

    Our team of experts will find the rare pearl. We carry out on and off the market research to ensure you find the property that meets your needs.

  • Lease negotiation

    Rent, security deposit, free rent, duration of the lease, “rent review”, contractual obligations. There are many clauses to negotiate and it is essential to be accompanied.

  • Supervision of works

    Do you want to create a unique visual universe but don’t know where to start? Planning, builder control, licensing, quotes, site monitoring are all areas where we can help you.

  • Help with opening

    Need a hand with communication? Recruitment ? We help you to open your shop in the best conditions.

We will take care of everything needed to open your restaurant in London. Take a look at our services.

With our experience, French Touch Commercial can help you in this process. We can help you write your forecast cash flow and produce a summary of the overall budget to plan. Check out our services to see how we can support you in successfully opening your shop.


London is a wonderful city, bustling 24/7. Opening an office, shop or restaurant in London is a fantastic experience. Finding premises is all part of it. Don’t ruin the adventure and get some help ! That’s what we are here for. We are at your service and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Shop case studies

Devanture extérieure de la vitrine de la salle de kickboxing RYUKAI dans le quartier Nothing Hill à Londres

Opening of a premium kickboxing studio

The negotiation of the premises was special insofar as the owner of the premises was a private landlord, which is relatively rare for London. It is always important to know who you are talking to as the levers of the negotiation are not the same. It is difficult to ask for a long period of free rent from a landlord who needs his rent to live on.
Vue extérieure de la vitrine du centre de vaccination Biogroup à Londres

Opening of COVID screening centres

FTC supported Biogroup laboratories in their deployment. Intensive on and off market research enabled us to put forward to them numerous solutions for their centres.
Différents types de pain pétris dans la boulangerie bio Pierre Alix

Opening an organic bakery

FTC supported the Boulangerie Pierre Alix both on the business plan side and in the search for premises.The few months spent working on the business plan allowed Pierre Alix to have a good understanding of the legal and tax framework.

French Touch Commercial also supports you throughout the process of finding and securing your commercial premises: shopsrestaurants or offices.