Opening of a Breton crêperie restaurant

Client: La Petite Bretagne


As part of the brand’s growth, La Petite Bretagne was looking at opening a new restaurant in new premises in order to arrange the space in accordance with their requirements.


  • Complications relating to the installation of an air extraction system in the middle of an apartment building
  • Requirement to follow the new BREAAM environmental regulations in the fit out works
  • Difficulties in obtaining an alcohol license due to the location of the restaurant in a “CIZ” (Cumulative Impact Zone)

Our intervention

FTC supported La Petite Bretagne in the building works and in obtaining the alcohol license.


One of the difficulties associated with the work was the need to comply with BREEAM standards. These new environmental standards impose very strict conditions during the construction of new buildings. From motion sensor lights, water quality to ethical parquet sourcing, the list of constraints is endless. In collaboration with a certified consultant, we ensured that all the criteria were met to be able to open on time and mindful of the environment! 

Another challenge was the alcohol license. The premises being in a Cumulative Impact Zone, the council’s position was therefore to refuse any new license by default. It was therefore necessary to put together a case and defend it before the Council’s Licensing Committee. A meeting full of challenges, but which went well and allowed La Petite Bretagne to pour the cider! 


La Petite Bretagne
Address: 5-7 Beadon Rd, London W6 0EA| Phone: 020 8127 5530
Website: | Hours: Monday to  Sunday : 08h – 22h Kitchen closes at 21h30

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